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Mobile IceRinks

ICEWORKER can help you build better IceRinks

Using the latest technology based on aluminum panels freezing

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ICEWORKER has everything you need to build your new mobile ice rinks.

We provide the latest systems supporting the construction of seasonal as well as year-round ice rinks. Systems that bring construction and operation of ice rinks in the 21st century. Similar systems that allow you to reduce the costs of construction, operation and shorten the time needed to start the project. Systems that minimized the need for electricity, water, construction time.

A system that is able to build layers of ice at temperatures at which ice rinks in outdated technology aluminum tubes , polyethylene , rubber starts to flow .

alu-panels-systems, skate-dryer-systems, dash-boards-system, service-rooms-systems

40% Complete (success)40 % lower operating costs
20% Complete20% less cooling fluid
60% Complete (warning)60% faster freezing
80% Complete (danger)80% higher system efficiency
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end of an ege of energy vampires , crusting everything and everywhere system lowers the cost of maintaining the rink Aluminum uniform surface built on a monolithic aluminum modules produced in the largest aluminum casting plants , up thought out and polished surface freezing technology , forming one big monolithic aluminum heatsink freezing, we finish aluminum tube and sealing leaky systems



We create any material that is required, tempered glass , polyethylene, stainless steel, wood , aluminum, fast assembly and disassembly band in both fixed and mobile , we make small and large objects


galoshes hair is already obsolete a modern system of passers- racking - dryers hire from 60 pairs, we build dryers matched to the volume and demand facility, automatic ventilation system and economical drying, mold removal and destruction of smell, automatic control of each pair of fully cooperating with moisture and temperature sensors to save energy.


room service deliver based on residential containers, install operating systems as well as sound or lighting

- Room service

- Room technical facilities

- Sanitary facilities

- Cash operating room

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